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An initiative of the prestigious Young Scientists Journal, reSTEM is a global network of research-oriented high school science clubs.
These hubs are provided with support for conducting activities like skill workshops, guidance seminars etc.
Hubs and Hub members compete with each other in various contests.
reSTEM Hubs form a global community of youth STEM research.
Free and open for schools across the world.
Focus on research.
Emphasis on practical application of knowledge and skill-building.
Comprehensive action and experience based learning framework.
A high school science club (or group of science clubs within a school) associated with YSJ reSTEM focusing on research-related activities.
May be either student-led or school-run.
Learn skills and exposure for research and competing at science fairs.
Publish your research.
Receive mentorship for research projects.
Attend and present at conferences of the Young Scientists Journal.
Access to unique activities (elaborated below) to promote STEM, especially research.
Promotional material and other support to increase enrolment.
For membership of the network, a club must be:
Authorized to operate by the institution
Free and open for all students of the institution.
Sign up using the online form.
If approved, a link will be sent to register on the platform through which content will be provided for activities and workshops.
Register Hub members to give them access to quizzes and other content.
Hub Activities can be conducted in weekly or biweekly sessions (total one hour a week) before, within or after school hours.
A sample calendar is available but Hubs can modify it according to requirements.
Content for workshops etc. is specially designed to be convenient for both in-person and virtual modes and are compatible with Zoom, Google Meet and other platforms.